Noah's Ark Replica Coming to Northern Kentucky

I'd heard rumblings of this in the past, but was surprised to read in the newest issue of The Atlantic, that not only is the Ark project going to happen, it's going to be a full-scale replica, and address many of the logistical questions that arise when considering the flood.  The builder says it will be the "second-ever" full-scale Ark built from God's instructions.

From the article

"Ark Encounter—which is to sit on an 800-acre plot of land in Williamstown, about 40 miles south of Cincinnati—will be filled with actors and animals (some real, some mechanical) and will also feature a Tower of Babel, a walled city, an aviary, a “first-century village,” and something called a “Journey Through Biblical History,” involving a boat ride down the Nile."
I'm personally excited to see Answers in Genesis applying hard science to demonstrate that a literal reading of the Bible is plausible.  Paired with the nearby Creation museum, the organization is clearly taking its mission seriously, and not cutting any corners.  Whether you regard the Old Testament accounts as literal or not, I hope you'll appreciate the initiative of those who would seek to intelligently put forth proofs that those accounts could be taken at their word.

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