People Generally Do What They Do for Good, Politicians Included

Today, many of us voted.  Many of us are hopeful about the outcome of several races and issues.  Some of us have invested emotionally, financially, physically in the outcomes.

It's easy to forget that ALL of us want the best for our nation, our states, and our communities.  I've been fortunate to meet several politicians over the years, and, with almost no exception, they all had altruistic aims in their political work.  More than power, or compensation, or lifestyle, politicians become politicians to make a difference.  In fact, some of the best people I've met in politics are no longer politicians.  They gave as much of themselves as they could to public service, until it wasn't worth it anymore.

So, tonight, whether your candidate won, or mine, or one neither of us preferred- I am hopeful.  Hopeful that the men and women who sacrifice to serve in the critical public eye have a desire to do real good in their hearts.  I'm hopeful that if we accept the results with grace and dignity, that we really can make things better than they are now, as a nation, a state, and a community.

Lest I be accused of writing this in response to the outcome, please note that these thoughts were put down well in advance of Election Day.


  1. Well said sir! We all do want what is best for our country. I am hoping hat now we can all band together, as Americans, and build a future.....together.

  2. Thanks for the kind words John, I agree wholeheartedly- we have to work together now.