A Perfect "Autumn"

You might have heard of the idea of watching for, and sharing  "closest to Christ" moments in our lives.  I meet weekly with some other Christian men, and as part of our routine, we share our "closest to Christ" for the past week.  

Today, I had a closest to Christ experience that I feel compelled to share with others.  I attended the funeral of a lady whom I greatly respected and was a mentor, with her husband, to my wife and I in our marriage.  It was a unique service.  She was 92 years old, and had been in good exceptional health until recently.  The service was filled with songs, poetry, scripture, quotations, and recollections- all from her own journal.  It was one of the most personal funerals I have ever been to; even the closing prayer was mostly her own words as she had put them down in her journal.  More than a simple funeral, it was a powerful time of worship for most of us there.

As I reflected on her life, and the carefully selected elements of the worship service, I was reminded of the near-perfect autumn day outside.  Many people think Spring to be the best season, with flowers bursting forth, wildlife new and abundant, and lush green grass finally replacing the browns of winter.  Others love the long days of Summer.  Me, I've always been a Fall man.  I love the bright colors of the trees' changing leaves, the just-right crispness of the air, the smell of cider and bonfires- it's all just perfect to me.

Today, the season outside, and the message inside the church were in tune.  There was a sense of the autumnal season of life being a time of great beauty.  A time of completion.  A time of fulfillment of purpose.  In as clear a way as I have ever known it, I was aware that there is nothing better than looking forward to that great autumn in each of our lives, when the leaf of our bodies will shine brightly, and then fade away, as we move on to be with our father in heaven.  

If you're not ready to face the autumn of your own life with certainty in Jesus Christ about what comes next, then I'd encourage you to seek Christ and commit to him.  As surely as one season follows the next, we all have a next season to prepare for in our own lives.

Thank you Betty, for your faithful witness, even today.

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