Reality Vs. Rhetoric: "Growing the Middle Class"

I suppose that most of the time when  people hear a politician talk about wanting to "grow the middle class," they think it's a great notion.  The line seems to a big applause-getter if you watch political speeches.  However, stop and think about what that really means.  Keep in mind, most of "us" are already middle class.  Most of "us," whoever we are, are striving to improve our lot in life, if not for ourselves, then for our children.

I worry that when we talk of growing the middle class, most of don't realize that we're endorsing policies that not only retard people from slipping out of their "middleness" into poverty, but we're also limiting the opportunities for upward mobility.  It's the old trading risk for security equation.  Sure, life in the middle classes will be more secure, and life in poverty will be more comfortable, but high taxes and reduction of liberties also mean that it's harder for people to escape their averageness, and go on to great success.

So, I'm officially against "growing the middle class" as a political metaphor or ideal.  Instead, how about we work on reducing poverty, and leave the middle classes to their own devices?

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