Putting Yourself in the Game

If you've been watching the NBA finals this week at all, then surely you noticed Chris Bosch returning to the Miami Heat's starting lineup last night.

Of course, we can assume that he spent hours in consultation with team doctors and the coaching staff, including head coach Erik Spoelstra, before the decision that he was ready to play after his injuries.  That assumption would be wrong, though.

Early reports being discussed on the radio this morning indicate that when the Heat started their off-day practice on Wednesday, coach Spoelstra ordered the starters, in red practice jerseys, to the floor first.  When Spoelstra turned around, there was Bosh, standing under the rim, in his red starters' practice jersey.  By the time practice was over, both Bosh and Spoelstra were telling the media, in uncoordinated agreement, that Bosh was starting.

If you're waiting for someone to put you in the game, any game, maybe it's time stand up, put on your starters' jersey, and put yourself in.

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