The Kids' Swingset

Pam has suggested that I post some pictures of the swingset we made for our kids, so here they are.  Ours is larger, cheaper, sturdier, and more eccentric, than the kits we could find in stores.  Plus, the kids  built it from scratch, with our help.
I was most excited about the big, sloping roof that sheds snow and rain, and 12-foot long piece of 24" pipe we found as a leftover, to serve as our slide.

Proving that they're big enough!

Clubhouse and counter for snacks.

Little guy looking big
Testing out the pulley.
Keeping an eye on things.
She loves the slide!


  1. I love the swingset. What type of pipe or tube did you use for the slide? We're going to try to build one too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Laura. The pipe is a scrap of 18" ADS pipe from a nearby jobsite. They couldn't use it on the job, so we got permission to take it. Good luck on your swingset.