Chalkboard Evangelist

I finally did it.  I met the person responsible for the Christian messages on West 5th Street.  For months, I've wondered about the person with the audacity to continue to put up inspirational, challenging, and often witty phrases meant to share the message of Jesus.

Turns out her name is Sandy, and she's a very nice woman.  Just like you and I.  Not at all the crazed-placard-on-a-street-corner-type of person the back of my mind had conjured up.

There's a clear challenge in meeting someone like Sandy.  A very well put together lady, with a college education, who feels it is her duty to try and inspire others to consider Christ, just because her house happens to have great visibility on a commonly traveled road.

Kind of makes me wonder if she's doing that, what am I going to do?

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