I honestly don't understand the "Occupy" movement.  It's not that I even disagree with it, I just don't comprehend it.  I wish that I understood it enough to agree or disagree with it.

  • At least a quarter of the protesters have full-time jobs.
  • Every Occupy site has set up their own wifi network, a necessity since the protesters almost universally have smartphones and laptops.
  • There have been no reports of hunger or food problems at the occupy events.
It's hard for me to see the protesters as anything beyond jealous, spoiled Americans pouring out their rage.

Our pastor shared recently that an American making over $50,000 a year is in the richest 1% of the World.  $50,000 is a realistic, attainable wage for most people I know, even those who are just starting in the job market and might be starting a bit below that.  The reality is, almost everyone EXPECTS to earn that much in the future.

Think about it, people all over the world are starving, dying of hunger, lack basic sanitation, antibiotics, and vaccines.  Sleep in boxes or under the stars.  Walk miles for water we wouldn't drink.

We, however, the richest 1% of people on the face of the Earth, are protesting with smartphones in hand in high-end tents, the fact that someone lives better than us.  Jealousy.

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