"Merry Christmas!"

It's interesting how society, in particular, political correctness, is cyclical. 

As Christmas approaches this year, I've noticed many Christians offended by the salutation, "Happy Holidays."  Most likely their offense derives from Wal-Mart and other retailer's instructions a few years ago exhorting employees to refrain from using "Christmas" in their greetings.  The backlash by consumers was huge, and, in fact, many retailers no longer have policies against speaking the "C" word, or even encourage cashiers to share a Christmas greeting.

The reality, though, is that society often moves at different speeds as a whole, and while large establishments are comfortable in the issue, smaller ones may be left wondering if it permissible to wish a "Merry Christmas," and instead offer a "Happy Holidays" at this time of year.

As the gaudy "Happy Holidays" banners go up downtown, I'm reminded not to make the issue about what it acceptable or politically correct, but instead to seize the opportunity to wish others a "Merry Christmas"  that is more powerful in contrast.  As the world continues to secularize Christmas, maybe a "holiday" season serves as a foil by which we can present Christmas to those unsure of what it might all really be about.

Merry Christmas!

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