The Lights!

So, WHY do you decorate?
Bragging rights?  Pride?  Festivity?

To celebrate the birth of Christ and show the world your excitement?  Yeah, that's what we're going for.

 We had a great sermon last week on Christians being one of the only religions that are "comfortable" with their most sacred holidays being secularized.  (I use comfortable in quotes, as many Christ followers might not actually like the idea, but have nonetheless allowed it to occur with little protest, and tacit participation.)  The message resonated with me, as it has been my spirit for this Advent season.  I have a tendency to avoid embellishment, decoration, and frivolity.  In the past, I have used that as a motive to write-off some of the more festive elements of Christmas as being too secular.

But alas, no more!  Our house is decked out for Christmas.  Inside and out, you'll know we're serious about it.  Pass me on the street, and you're more likely than in years past to get a "Merry Christmas" in greeting.

Why?  Because Christmas is one of the most sacred times of the year for a Christ-follower.  Shame one us if we don't make it clear to the world that it matters, and we're excited about it.

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